Hi. My name is Greg DiMedio, and I am a marketing management consultant who empowers small digital marketing teams to reach new heights.  I partner with clients who believe that good, quality web traffic is out there, but they are not able to reach it and capitalize on it.

Greg DiMedio Marketing Management Consultant

I increase quality traffic the “roll up your sleeves” way with strategic planning, data insights, nimble teams, and optimized campaigns. My aim is to put your digital marketing resources and campaigns on strategy and have you ready for new opportunities.

For over 18 years, clients have trusted me to direct and improve their digital marketing efforts. Marketing and IT teams have relied on me for campaign blueprints that are engineered with data-driven insights. A master’s degree in rhetoric and linguistics empowers my writing, research, and communications skills.

My consulting work extends to promoting purpose-driven organizations. I co-founded Greener Pittsburgh — an online platform for local businesses to tell their sustainability stories and showcase greener products. I specialize in sustainability communications. Through Patagonia Action Works, I work with environmental organizations awarded Google Ad Grants.

Does your organization need to optimize its digital marketing team? Struggling with sustainability and resiliency issues? I’d like to learn more. Schedule a free consult.